Eat Good

Our delicious menu items.




—  The Clean and Soburger —
7 oz. 100% Alberta beef patty, with bacon, cheddar, arugula, and tomato relish, on a fresh brioche bun. From 100% sober cows––seriously, I mean, you ever see a cow in rehab? Didn’t think so. Dig in.

—  Day at a Time Chicken Burger—
Crispy seasoned chicken, arugula, and spicy mayo on a fresh bun. Enjoy it one bite at a time, and savour life one day at a time.  

—  The Friends of Bill W Cheeseburger—
7 oz. 100% Alberta beef patty, with melted cheddar on a fresh brioche bun. No, we’re not friends with a guy named “Bill Cheeseburger”. If you’re a friend of Bill’s, you get it. Get this burger

— This is how we Sausage Roll—
Andouille sausage in a fresh Vienna roll. Every bite, delicious––‘cause that’s how we roll.

— Primary Purpose Poutine—
Crisp, thin-cut fries, with cheese curds, smothered in rich gravy. It’s a snack. It’s a meal. It’s another reason to keep beating the odds. 

— Fellowship —
Poutine: awesome. Fried chicken: awesome. Say hello to double awesome. 

— Homegroup Fries  —
home cooked potatoes, optional with parmesan herbs


— #GratefulRecovery —
Mini donuts and soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. Dessert that says “Thank you for sharing”.

— Solace —

 soft serve ice-cream